Media Digest 2022


The Belgian outdoor market is traditionally one of the most developed in Europe, with a very high density and wide diversity of formats, as well as a high degree of concentration. Advertising space can be purchased line by line or in networks, but networks represent today 95% of the total gross ad spend.

The most important players on the Belgian market are Clear Channel, JC Decaux and Belgian Posters. Nevertheless, 2 sales houses, Clear Channel and Decaux, concentrate +/-90% of the total gross ad spend.

Outdoor publicity becomes increasingly targeted, trying to reach consumers everywhere (catering, sport clubs, supermarkets…) and to catch the eye with giant, highlighted or even interactive posters. A digital commercial offer is also developping, among others through the launch by Clear Channel of a digital network in railway stations and in subway stations by JC Decaux.

Several new deals have been concluded these last few years:

  • Clear Channel won the contact for the street furniture in Brussels in 2015 (except Villo! & subway stations). This contract foresees the implanting of 100 digital screens and the sale house has also installed a giant digital screen on Place de Brouckère.
  • JC Decaux has signed a new contract with the Carrefour group in 2015 for the implanting of 100 digital screens on the parking lots of the hypermarkets and supermarkets. It replaces Clear Channel Malls.
  • JC Decaux bought Insert and launched new JC Decaux Insert Belgium networks in 2016.

Advantages of Outdoor:

  • high visibility
  • high degree of coverage and repetition
  • geographical selectivity
  • a wide choice of formats
  • creative and qualitative possibilities

Disadvantages of Outdoor:

  • limited message (no argumentation)
  • low level of attention
  • need for a large quantity of billboards
  • not very socio-demographically selective