Media Digest 2020


Mobile Internet took some time to take off in Belgium, mostly due to the relatively expansive devices and high costs of connection, but a growing number of Belgians are in possession of smartphones, tablets and other devices allowing the access to 3G/4G/GPRS networks and/or Wifi.

Beside the entry on the market of new cheaper devices, the end of the prohibition of linked sales in April 2009 allowed telecom operators to offer packages including both a data subscription and a smartphone/tablet. Costs of connection are also slowly decreasing.

CIM studies also took some time to take « Mobile » into account, given the late development of the phenomenon, but beside penetration of the different devices, they report audience data of participating mobile sites since 2015. For mobile apps nevertheless, we only have traffic data of participating apps at our disposal.

From the commercial side, the offer keeps growing, through « apps », display on mobile sites and applications or a presence in digital editions of print titles, to quote a few examples.

Advantages of  mobile:

  • Very upscale and high tech profile of users
  • One to one, very intuitive experience
  • Location oriented
  • Possibility of m-commerce

Disadvantages of mobile:

  • Limited and fragmented audience
  • Complex, low level of standardization and uniformity (Apple vs various Android versions, …)
  • Difficult to measure

The commercial offer quickly evolves, as well as rates. At the moment the most popular forms of communication are the following:

  •  « display » (banners,…) on mobile sites or inside mobile applications
  • « pre-roll » on mobile videos
  • Mobile « search »
  • Digital editions of magazines/newspapers
  • Development of specific mobile applications

For what regards commercialization, like for other websites, campaigns can be priced:

  • per periode: Cost/day, Cost/week, …
  • in function of generated impressions: Cost/000
  • in function of performance objectives: Cost/lead, Cost/click, Cost/view, Cost/download…

Moreover, if it’s possible to opt for a presence on « premium » sites, « packages » are also available to generate contacts or leads. Finally, some packages allow the combination of a mobile campaign with a classic online or offline presence.