Media Digest 2020


Belgium is one of the countries with the highest number of cinema screens per 1 000 km² in Western-Europe. 411 screens are commercially exploitable in 2020. The screens are situated in 52 complexes and almost half of all complexes count 8 screens or more and belong to the category of multiplexes.

The quality and comfort of the Belgian screens is unique in the world; sound and picture quality standards are very high and are equipped with ultra wide screens.

For the last couple of year cinema has been trying to appeal to a new public by introducing an alternative programming, Art Houses, events like Opera at the movie, Films Days and showing football matches or pop concerts on large screen. Going to the cinema is part of a wider spectrum of leisure activities; beside film, shopping, drinking and eating opportunities are also offered.

Advantages of the cinema:

  • impactful medium: combination of picture and sound
  • high impact and memorization, thanks to the attention of the viewer
  • qualitative context
  • very selective to young and upscale public
  • numerous opportunities on- and off screen

Disadvantages of the cinema:

  • slow reach build-up and limited frequency
  • high technical costs

Cinema not only offers “classic” spots, but also creative possibilities like 3D, fragrant spots and the 4DX advertising spot, a spot with 20 realistic effects including rolling, waving and turning, rebound, vibration, wind, water, rain, scents, warm air, snow, lightning and fog.