Media Digest 2022


Various media studies are available on the Belgian market, either commissioned by the CIM either by other actors. The CIM (Centre for Information on the Media) is a non-profit association which since 1971 gathers representatives of advertisers, advertising and media agencies as well as media and their sales houses. The mission of this association is “(…) to disseminate to its members, as soon as possible, on a constant or regular basis, precise, objective and reliable information which is necessary to objectify and optimise advertising expenditures in Belgium”1.  The CIM commissions many reference studies: print-run authentication, the strategic Plurimedia – Products – Attitudes study and tactic studies for print, cinema, TV, radio, outdoor and Internet.

At the moment, media studies are the subject of lively debates; discussions crystallizes on two main topics:

  • Measurement of digital media, meaning Internet as well as television, for what regards reach indicators, but also the way to measure impact, return on investment or buzz-value of that kind of media
  • Measurement of holistic communication, either through fusion of various existing media-specific studies or through touch-point approaches