Media Digest 2023


The CIM was in charge of monitoring the ad spend until 20101 and subcontracted the data processing to MediaXim.

From 2001 until 2005 the pige was based on the declarative principle: the media agencies provided their reservations with a MDB-ID (unique product code), forwarded the reservations to the sales houses, the sales houses added the gross value and characteristics and forwarded the information in an agreed format to MediaXim. Since 2006 the monitoring system is a mixed monitoring system: the sales houses are still in charge of the valorization and the indication of the insertions, but all other information like the MDB-ID, the ad size and the color are originating from the digital monitoring system of MediaXim. Furthermore free sheets and internet were added to the monitoring system in 2006.

Since 2011 MediaXim is in charge of monitoring the ad spend and isn’t it falling anymore within the responsibility of the CIM. However, the methodology didn’t change. MediaXim was taken over by Nielsen in May 2013.

In 2017, the methodology for measuring Internet investments was fundamentally changed: the sales houses no longer declare the ad spend, but the figures come from a crawling of a list of urls. In addition to display, we also have spendings of video in the new surve and Youtube and RTB were added to the survey.